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life in the fete lane

jumpin’ jehosephat.  lots going on!

Tuesday: Bellarmine showhouse. 966 Cherokee, The Inverness. Jason Jennings says come see him.  10 -5 Mon - Sat. Tues and Thurs 5 - 7 are designer nights.  Tickets through Domain, Hubbuchs, Colonial Designs.  Proceeds benefit Bellarmine Student Aid Fund.

Wednesday: Proof’s Heresy and Blasphemy dinner. Michael Paley is mixing things up. 6:30 p. $105 per. 502.217.6360.  Featuring Julian Winkle of Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery. Visitors fall in love with the Pappy Van Winkle every time.

Thursday: Fashion Feng Shui at the Henry Clay.

Friday: Women 4 Women Annual Luncheon. Galt House 11;30 - 1:30. Sally Hegelsen, author of The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work. For tix:

This just in! Call 584.7777 September 15 to get discount IdeaFestival event tickets. IdeaFest is September 29 - October 2 and will shower Louisville with some of the world’s most creative thinkers. Single event tix for 14 events offered for $9.50 each. Lunch events for $14.50 each. IFFORME is code.

Brooklawn residence for boys needs male tutors for the school year. Tutor for 30 minutes a week and watch YOUR life change. One of the best ways to manufacture a peak experience is to volunteer says latest issue Psychology Today. Contact

The Junior League of Louisville is ramping up for NoogieFest October 23 at Gilda’s Club on Baxter Avenue.  We need candy donations for the halloween party we host for children with cancer and their families in a safe place that won’t cmpromise the kids’ immunity. The League donated to build Gilda’s Club’s playroom “NoogieLand” and we celebrate every year in our finest Halloween regalia with a boofest to beat the rest.  Contact me for candy donations:

The National Association of Women MBAs conference is here Ocotber 1- 3. We just found out the White House is sending its job corps in addition to speakers from the country’s Fortune 500 companies and our very own Phoebe Wood.  Contact to register for the conference. 

Now for the photos! My birthday “backpacks at KMAC” event netted about 200 backpacks and donations to feed 17 kids.  Thanks to David Macguire for letting me host my friends and Blessings in a Backpack supporters, Susan Hershberg for always delicious food and Kirk Stone, the best cake procurer ever! Next backpack raiser is at Waterfront Wednesday, September 29. for info.  Next KMAC event is BOURBON BALL, October 2. More info here next post…

Louisville Orchestra’s Fanfara featured Sarah Chang last weekend. Lucky enough to sit with Jorges Mester and the star at Vincenzo’s post show, I marveled at how graceful Sarah Chang is depsite her draconian travel schedule. I also met Donna Maisch and Chuck Maisch, President of the Orchestra Board. Donna is hosting an event at Fresh Market September 23 for the Orchestra. Details here…

If you haven’t been to WorkShop, the Creative Workplace, 1205 East Washington St. in Butchertown, GO! With enough toys and tools to occupy the most ADD extravert (moi) and solicit conversation from the most introverted, this space has a great vibe for working together or solo.  Three friends and I hosted a “conversation” with women we invited to learn what they believe are issues that confront women in Louisville today. I am proud to be part of such a passionate and committed group of ladies. Palpable energy.

100 Paintings and 100 Parties set a high bar for party of the season. Thanks to Larry Shapin and Ladonna Nicolas, I joined art loving revelers and artists at the Speed Museum for the after party with an imported DJ, breakdancers and the sweetest sweets imaginable. Talk about eye candy!  Patron Circle members hosted individual dinners to recruit more members and spread the art love. Mary Ann Currier’s work and the Alice Neel were chosen by more than one host for the centerpiece among the gems at the museum. If you haven’t been lately stop by for the glass additions donated by the Leights in the middle room adjacent to the main gallery. Wow!  And the architect for expansion, Kulapat Yantrasast was a dance machine.  Can’t wait to see what he does with the place.

Also Saturday night, Pink Tie did not disappoint! True to form, the affair is elegant and quite a fundraiser.  Folks purchased pink “fight like a girl” boxing gloves at the auction in homage to survivors and celebrated the will to win.  Local faves Dumante and Rooibee Red Tea were the drinks in the Lounge and the ladies were deceked out in their finest pinkery.  Next up is Komen’s Race for the Cure October 9.  For tickets and to be on Sarah Ayers, the prettiest Marine ever and CJ Scene last Saturday Cover Girl’s team go to

Finally, come out for HIPstoric Hop on Main a progressive dinner Ocotber 15 at 5:30 to benefit the Main Street Business Association. In its 14th year, this dinner begins at the home of Louis and Peggy Heuser, next course O’Sheas, dinner at Yum! arena and dessert at the Pullen-Swope home. for tickets. $900 for a table of 8.

And mark your calendar for National Girls’ Day November 14th! Oh how will we participate in Possibility City? Stay tuned!



Hot Hot Hot St-uff

How can it be the end of August??? 

Time to herald in a new school year and some new boots. That’s what back to school always meant for me growing up in Lexington.  I couldn’t wait to see what all the college girls were wearing at the UK football games where I would watch 1) cute boys 2) the halftime cheerleaders and 3) walk around the stadium and look for boys with my friends. So, maybe not much has changed but the U of L v. UK game Saturday September 4 is sure to trump a lot of events anybody would have planned. Look for after parties everywhere. 

Speaking of boots, what a show Best Dressed was this year! I am certain the event will reveal a nice donation to Dress for Success and will go down in the annals again as quite the spectacle!  Even though Jill and Jessica and I wondered aloud who was going to be on the white couch behind us that the boys with buttery skin were going to carry to the runway. And even though we all guessed it would be Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. And even though I was literally at the edge of the stage I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that Laura Lee WAS Lady Gaga! People are still talking about it. And LLB’s glitter Doc Martens are the stuff of which this lady dreams. 

I dreamt of playing the violin when I was a Suzuki violinst wayyyyyyyy back in the day.  Let’s say I donated my violin years ago and am awed today by virtuso violinists and cellists. I love strings, I do. This year, Fanfara is Friday September 3 at 8:30 and features Sarah Chang . Always a super classy affair, Fanfara is a great way to support the Louisville Orchestra. 

Friday September 3 is also Frankfort Avenue’s Fat Friday Trolley Hop and a sneak peek at Jeaneen Barnhart’s “In the Pink Room” a sexy series of curvy ladies in pretty lingerie.  Billed as silky sexy sultry, Jeaneen is deft at erotic. The show is at Tim Faulkner Gallery September 9th from 6 - 9 at 632 E. Market St., Suite 1.  

Also, Friday the 3rd, Jacob Heustis’ show (“Sold” is all that and more) at Swanson Reed on E. Market comes down while Dana Major’s show goes up. Dana, whose Russian teapots made me swoon years back, will work with Amy LeMaire on Bonus Day, an in person collaboration between the artists from August 30 – September 25.  

If you don’t have to work Friday drive to Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana for Paula Deen’s brunch from11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at her new Buffet restaurant to benefit Blessings in a Backpack.  Horseshoe is a fabulous supporter of Blessings and collects backpacks at its summer concerts. 

(Note to save the date: WFPK will graciously allow Blessings to do a backpack raiser again this year at the September Waterfront Wednesday on September 29.) 

Kudos to the Junior League of Louisville who just donated its first 100 lbs of produce to Wayside Christian Mission from its E. Main Street inaugural Urban Garden project. The League donated kale, chives, basil, mint, bibb lettuce, arugula, other lettuce, banana peppers, bell peppers, and parsley. The Junior League women can always use support for its projects. 

Ivor Chodkowski, a farmer and visionary, came to the League’s Health Summit at 21c 3 years ago to help solve the riddle of ensuring healthy food for everybody in the city. Ivor just hired a hot shot marketer and is ready for Grasshoppers to hop to it!  Go to to download a brochure and choose the spot you wish to pick up your produce. Community supported agriculture is the concept of people supporting family farms with a direct investment and sharing in the return of the harvest.   

I’m fairly certain that the chefs at the Taste of Innovation September 30, a highlight of the IdeaFestival, will incorporate lots of local produce! If you want to have lots of fun, and meet people from literally around the world, it is a Must Attend event.   

For a dinner off the beaten path two events should suffice. The first is the Speed Museum’s 100 paintings/100 parties on Saturday September 11. Individual members of the Patron Circle pick a painting at the Speed to center a dinner around for his or her guests, then travel  to the museum in packs for dessert and DJ Irie at 9 p.m. Alphas of the local art world unite. This was uber fun last year and great people watching as some patrons dress around the painting, as well. 

On October 15th, the Main Street Business Association will host its 14thannual Main Course Progressive dinner that will feature one of its courses at the new arena!  Stay tuned for details. 

Last but not least, Kathy Griffin is here on September 11 and in Indy September 12. Whether it’s her Life on the D List show on Bravo or a comedy special, she is one funny redhead. And she donates her time and money. My hero. 

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